Smart Window Film for the Smart Age


Technology and window film in our lives

Technology plays such an integral role in all of our lives as it paves and shapes a path for us from the cradle to the grave. From the food we eat, to how we engage with others to maximize our time we use technology to drive improvements, and it has become an essential factor in every area of human development.  

Smart window films have brought technological advancements to the glazing industry as it aims to provide us freedom from the ordinary.  It gives us options to choose between looking through glass that is clear, opaque or patterned. Moreover, most importantly smart window film is cutting edge technology, with so much to offer.

How can we use window film to work with smart technology?

The reasons for applying window film remains the same and no doubt many years from now that will also be true.  We use window film for UV protection as well as for privacy, safety, and decorative needs. Smart technology allows users the ability to transform and control the glass differently, altering the look of the glass on demand by the touch of a switch.

Current applications for smart-film

The primary use for smart window film is privacy as it can switch from clear glass to opaque and is ideally suited for glass structures such as a display or conference room. Moreover, it is an ideal alternative for drapes, shades, and blinds, which are well known for being dust traps and can make things quite dark or unsightly.

The switchable film can allow diffused light in through the glass while keeping prying eyes out. In its off state the film is opaque or frosted and by switching the power on the film becomes clear and transparent.

Future application for smart-film 

By capturing the sun’s energy and refocusing it into the building, window film can be used to harness light to control indoor temperature.  The possibility of using it alongside predictive technology could help facilities managers and directors of large buildings provide significant energy cost savings year-round.

To say that smart- film has commercial applications is an understatement. Here are just a few places that would benefit from its implementation. Medical facilities, law firms, offices, military, science labs, museums, art galleries, jewelers, boats, ships, trains, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, shopping malls, and airports. The film also can be used in homes.

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