S&T Window Films welcomes Casper Cloaking Films

It doesn't seem that long ago when as a kid I would watch captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock battle the Klingons.  They had a way of appearing and just as quickly disappearing.  They not only spoke funny but they had the technology to mask their whole ship in space and vanish suddenly.

With the requirements for the protection of proprietary information while at the same time the desire for working in more open space planning Casper cloaking technology could not have arrived at a better time.  Yes, you did hear correctly, cloaking technology for real-world applications. Installed on flat glass Casper film will make large LED screens appear black to those outside the area.  Glass conference rooms, or display rooms any space where the element of compromise is a possibility should be a consideration for this technology.  People can safely collaborate and share information with the comfort knowing what's on the screen stays on the screen.

For more information click on the link here


Casper Film is a great resource for conference and display rooms.


If you are here in the Northwest, then S&T Window Films are happy to discuss this opportunity with you.  Contact us here on the website or call our office. 360.273.8518 We will take care of your window film needs.

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