Full-service Window Film Company in Washington


S&T Window Films specializes in architectural solutions for residential and commercial customers, architects and contractors. We offer a wide range of products and services from the following companies: 3M, Llumar, Johnson’s and Madico.

Professionals, qualified in using high-quality films, carry out all installations.

Benefits to our customers range from energy efficiency to security protection and privacy.

The decorative films we offer enhance the look of windows and doors in homes, storefronts, and office spaces. S&T Window Films also offer a specialized glass scratch removal service which successfully removes unsightly hard water deposits and graffiti scratches.  By restoring your glass we can save you money on costly replacements and provide future protection. Window film also acts as a shield against harmful UV rays for you, your family.

Top quality window films along with our expert care and excellent customer service lead to a winning combination which ultimately benefits our customers.  “If its glass, we’ve got it covered”.