Casper Cloaking Window Film in Washington: Privacy in Conference Rooms









Casper Cloaking Technology window film

S&T Window Films are excited to be installers of the new Casper Cloaking Window Film. Casper Technology renders wall-mounted and other large LED displays in conference rooms, huddle rooms, and other glass-fronted rooms opaque when viewed from outside the room. Casper film will cloak large, wall-mounted displays except for 3D displays, Microsoft Surface Hubs, Barco video walls, OLED displays, plasma screens, and projection video.

Why would you choose Casper Cloaking technology window film for your conference room?







Architects and designers have centered on open space planning for offices and more natural lighting for conference rooms. To get this effect conference rooms usually have a wall of glass comprising a door and windows from floor to ceiling in height. Business owners and decision makers recognize the importance of protecting proprietary information; this includes the kind of data one would show during a presentation. Casper film directly addresses this concern by providing protection and privacy while allowing continued openness. From outside of the room you can see who is in attendance, but you cannot see what is on the screen.

With 18 beautiful film designs to choose from, S&T Window Films can help you to have a safe and effective meeting confident that your information gets to the right person’s thanks to the incredible technology of Casper Cloaking window film.  If you are in Grays Harbor, Thurston, King or Pierce CountyWaashington and need privacy protection for your conference room then contact S&T Window Films (360)273-8518. We would be glad to discuss the benefits of having Casper technology window film installed in your conference room.

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