Beautifully Private with Washington Solyx window film

Solyx Decorative Window Film

Solyx is one of our premiere decorative window film product range, designed for both beauty and privacy. We install Solyx films on windows, relites, transoms, doors and much more. In business, in an open space setting Solyx films allow you the ability to control the amount of light you let into your space.

To match designs and schemes Solyx also has a range of colored films, opaque, frosted, striped, dotted, textured, patterned films and much more. These films are ideal tools for architects, designers, and others who have a creative flair, to design and implement solid spaces in a wall of glass. Solyx films can really improve privacy and help to hide clutter.

Solyx decorative films can add that professional finish to your office or place of business at a fraction of the cost of cut or decorative glass without compromising on the quality.

You can see first hand, right here if our Solyx products will be a right fit for your work, home or business. If you are in Thurston County, King County, Pierce County, or Grays Harbor, Washington then give us a call today, we will be more than happy to be of service to you.

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