The Best in Privacy: Washington Casper Cloaking Technology Window Film

Casper cloaking technology window film

S&T Window Films are excited with the impressive technology in Casper Cloaking Film. It large LED displays in conference rooms, and other glass-fronted rooms opaque when viewed from outside the room.  Find out more about how this film could be a right choice for your conference room.







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3M DI-NOC wall covering

With over 800 designs to choose from 3M DI-NOC offers endless creative possibilities on virtually any surface. 3M Dinoc is the perfect solution for architects, designers, building owners and managers looking for a cost-effective method for a superior finish. Installation is done on site and can be scheduled to ensure minimal downtime for your business.  Choose from wood grained, patterned, metallic, stone look, and abstract designs. There is a DI-NOC film literally on any surface and any project.


Bird Friendly Window Film

S&T Window Films installs bird film designed to minimize injuries due to window impact thus enabling buildings to be friendlier to birds.


The glass in windows indiscriminately kills millions of birds every year worldwide. Big birds, small birds, young or old, it does not matter. If a bird flies into a window, it will be seriously hurt or killed.

During the day windows reflect the environment. Birds do not see glass; they cannot recognize the window as a solid object. Birds only see it as part of their habitat.

If you recognize bird casualty as a concern for you, we have a proven solution that works.  Bird-friendly window film.

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