Anti Graffiti


Protect your glass windows and doors from graffiti vandalism. Keep your store looking at its best, and if they do target your windows, they only damaged the film, not the glass.

Anti- Graffiti film is sacrificial, meaning the film takes the hit. What does this mean to you, the property owner? A significant reduction in cost since you did not have to replace the glass, nor did you have to keep seeing the disfigured glass.
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Graffiti Shield is a holistic approach to graffiti vandalism. We are focused on the full protection of glass, mirrors, metal and have custom-designed options for almost any substrate. If the graffiti problem you have involves more than glass,
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If you have seen graffiti on storefront windows and doors, you are already aware of how unsightly it looks and how it impacts branding. Glass replacement is an option; however, it becomes cost-prohibitive with repeat offenses. Graffiti scratch removal is a viable alternative. The process consists of buffing out the scratches or acid etching. Call us or go to our contact page for more information.