Businesses in the Northwest, protect your storefront and assets from smash and grab burglars.

If robbers break into your store, it is particularly unpleasant having to clean up the aftermath of broken glass. Shards can get everywhere and takes meticulous precision to remove all the pieces. Lets not even talk about the heartache felt when one learns that precious stock is missing.

For some who have small businesses, the impact of a smash and grab break-in can be devastating it makes it extremely difficult to recover financially.

S&T Window Films are specialists in providing solutions to defend against this type of crime and has helped companies, business owners, and managers protect their glass-based storefront systems from intrusion by applying security-safety window film.

By using security film on windows and doors, it helps to protect the building from damaging shards of glass, it significantly increases the workload for the burglars as they have to spend much more time and energy, in their attempt to gain entry into the building. There is a lot more noise involved in trying to break through window film; the membrane acts as a big, loud drum. It takes considerably more time than the usual 40 – 50 seconds to gain entry which eliminates the element of surprise. Intruders who recognize the extra work involved usually move right on to their next target. If  the building is actually occupied it gives the persons inside time to contact the authorities, time to prepare to respond appropriately.

If you are a business owner in Western Washington and experiencing problems with a smash and grab burglary in your area if you have display cabinets that need protection, or you are looking for a solution for your storefront we can help.

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