Casper Cloaking Film


What is Casper Cloaking Film? Casper Cloaking Film is a specialized window film created by Designtex to protect data from unauthorized viewing.

Who needs Casper Film? Companies who share data on large LED, flat screen TV's or monitors, requiring confidentiality and privacy.

Where would you use Casper Cloaking Film?
You would use Casper Films in open office surroundings enabling those attending inside the room to see while having data on the screen protected from onlookers. The film obscures the monitor or screen from outside of the glass.

How does Casper Film work? Casper Film is amazing technology applied to glass with a specialized cloaking that obscures what people outside the room can see on the screen. The wonderful thing about it is everything else in the room is seen as normal.

What else do you get with Casper Film? A choice of fifteen decorative film designs created explicitly for the Casper Film adding dimension to the glass and visual privacy. Seeing is believing, you can now have transparency and confidentiality, thanks to the cloaking technology of Casper Film.

Where can I get more information on Casper Film? S&T Window Films are happy to discuss the potential of Casper Film with you. Please call us 360-273-8518 or contact us through our website.

If its glass, we've got it covered.

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Casper Cloaking Technology PF001-801

Cloaking Film renders wall-mounted and other large LED displays in conference rooms, huddle rooms, and other glass fronted rooms opaque when viewed from outside the room. Most large, wall-mounted displays can be cloaked with the exception of 3D displays, Microsoft Surface Hubs, Barcovideo walls, OLED displays, plasma screens, and projection video.

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