Transform Your Windows with Washington 3M Fasara

3M Fasara Glass Finishes

“3M Fasara Glass Finishes Films” give you the ability to customize the way glass appear, transforming them in ways that exceed the imagination. As well as for decorative looks the film also protects privacy and is a well-used resource in the industry for creating window walls.

You can now easily acquire the look and feel you want for your windows and doors. 3M Fasara is a more cost-effective alternative to installing etched or designed glass, which means you get to keep your existing glass doors and windows in place, eliminating downtime. Decorative films are great for architects, interior designers, property owners and managers alike. New occupants may have different needs requiring building upgrades. In this eventuality, S&T Window films installers are well trained to remove and replace decorative film.  The potential for 3M decorative films is endless and the range of films includes frosted films, glass finishes, stripes and much more. Check out our 3M Fasara range here; get a taste of the products we have on offer, see how they could meet your decorative needs. Contact S&T Window Films today for a free quote.