Why would anyone use Defenselite?

Because in a matter of minutes, you get specialized polycarbonate panels installed over your existing glass on doors or windows that now make your glazed area 250-times stronger and just as clear. Defenselite secures entryways and windows without deforming aesthetics. Additional benefits include reduced heating and cooling costs, controlled sound levels, and UV protection. Defenselite's polycarbonate system does not break when impacted, and best of all, it keeps the bad guys out. With all this going for it, why would anyone not want to use Defenselite?

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Protect your windows and doors from damage and keep staff and occupants safe even from armed intruders. This retrofitted specialized polycarbonate keeps them out and stops shooters from penetrating your defense. Take away the element of time from the criminal, reduce their chance for success with BULLETSHIELD with 24-hour protection from S&T Window Films.