How decorative window films can be beneficial for commercial buildings and offices

SAMThere is something intrinsically wonderful about the properties of glass. You can manipulate glass in many ways. It has a number of uses, from both the practical and the artistic sense.

Architects design buildings to meet our needs. They decide on the materials necessary for the building’s exterior and interior. By combining them they give us useful space, comfort, and security. Property owners and property managers work with business owners to accommodate their needs. Space without light is unhealthy; the best light for most of us is natural sunlight.

Architects have, since the 1970’s designed and built work areas with more open space. Offices now have glass walls and glass conference rooms which allow the natural light from outside to flow into the building. Benefits include lower heating energy costs and more outdoor views available for all occupants. Because people are able to see each other it allows for improved communication and cooperation between associates. With all this glass there are downsides, for instance, the lack of privacy. People feel they are constantly on show and say it’s like being in a goldfish bowl. Another issue with glass is its transparency and the dangers it can cause when people accidentally walk into it.

Frosted-FilmDecorative film is ideal for solving glass issues in interior space and is a great resource for architects, interior designers, property owners and managers alike. There are many decorative styles and designs created by three main companies,” Llumar – Eastman”, “3m Fasara”, and Solyx. Included in the range of popular films are etched glass, dusted crystal, frosted crystal, and sandblast. There are also striped and patterned films, colored and custom-made designs. Because decorative films are easy to install it allows business to continue as usual while film installers ensure minimal disruption to the company’s normal workflow. There are times when new tenants require a completely new look to the interior before they decide to move in. Installers can carefully remove the old film and replace it with a design more acceptable to them. Decorative film is a durable, long-lasting material, which is ideal for commercial and leased spaces. It allows occupants to take full advantage of the natural light and open space while maintaining the privacy of their workspace.

SAMAs well as offices and conference rooms, decorative film is ideal for restrooms, health and fitness clubs, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, banks and medical facilities. From a single strip of dusted crystal to more intricate designs, if you are in Western Washington then visit us at Check out our decorative range and contact us to see what is right for you.