How to clean and maintain your newly installed window film

Wincdow-cleanerAfter having window film professionally installed, you will find it to be virtually maintenance free. Your normal cleaning regime might only need to change slightly to ensure you fully protect your investment. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your window film and for it to continue looking great for years to come.

Window film adhesive typically takes around thirty days to cure. We recommend waiting until after this period before you start to clean your windows.

There are three types of film to be aware of:

Solar film - Solar films are made up of layers of polyester and come with an adhesive layer which goes to the glass and a protective outer layer which is scratch resistant,

Decorative/privacy film -  decorative films are made from vinyl which allows it to be flexible, the material can also be created with texture

Safety/security film - safety/security film is made up of optically clear, tinted or reflective film and adhesive with a scratch-resistant coating.

You will need a clean spray bottle, baby liquid soap, distilled water, lint-free soft cloths and paper towels.

  • Add two squirts of baby soap to a spray bottle and add distilled water.
  • Thoroughly shake the soap and water. 
  • Gently spray the solution onto to the film then carefully wipe off with a lint-free, clean cloth. 
  • Use a paper towel to soak up any excess liquid as it may run down the glass and cause unwanted streaks.
  • You can then use a dry cloth to remove dust, fingerprints and bring your glass to a nice finish.

As long as you stay away from abrasive materials and ammonia-based cleaners you really will be fine. Stick closely to the materials mentioned and you will have no problems with cleaning and maintaining your new window film. The best times to clean varies from area to area If you have a south-facing window the aim should be to clean early before the sun gets high and heats the glass. For decorative film applied to interior doors and windows, you can literally clean them anytime, just make sure to follow the instructions for the type of film.  Installers are happy to give you accurate instructions and advice on your film and how to care for it.

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