Its not just a matter of black or white

Blackout window film

With window film Its not just a matter of black or white

Buildings designed with a lot of external glass fixtures such as window walls or large windows can be a cause for concern for occupants. A lot of calls S&T Window Films receive are privacy related. When it comes to flat glass we can say we usually have a window film that can help fix the problem.

The need for privacy can vary from customer to customer. The reasons can be related to the need to conceal clutter behind the glass, to have a safe space to hide in the event of a lockdown, to protect valuables from theft, to ensure a patient has dignity and allowed privacy.

We have found that the most popular films chosen, especially to cover external windows and doors are the blackout and whiteout films respectively, which is standard for architects designing commercial buildings. The films are opaque and can be cut to fit more unusual shapes of glass. The films can be spliced to fit very large windows.

As well as blackout and whiteout window films, there are a number of other styles we offer to ensure our customers have a wide choice of privacy films. Privacy film is versatile and can be placed on internal windows and doors also, to project a uniform, and professional office look.  We have a choice of opaque, semi-opaque, frosted and colored films, which produce excellent results for our creative customers. 

3M Dusted Crystal is an industry standard window film which we carry and use regularly on commercial buildings, offices, and hospital facilities. Dusted Crystal film is frosted, instantly upgrading internal spaces with a smart and professional look.  

Privacy films can be used in schools, colleges hospitals, banks, medical facilities, colleges, shopping malls, residential homes and many more places besides and can be a great resource for increased protection.

If you live in Western Washington and need more information please contact us on the website or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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