Managing graffiti vandalism in Seattle and King County

Managing graffiti vandalism in Seattle and King CountyGraffiti Management 

Store, owners, and managers in high traffic areas are confronted daily with the business of managing graffiti damage.

Let’s call it what it is – vandalism.  It really does not matter how talented a person is holding a spray can, acid etching tool or cutting equipment. If what they do is done on other people’s property without permission then it is a criminal act of vandalism.

Replacing graffiti damaged glass in window and door frames can be really expensive, especially if after changing the glass it again becomes a target. That is why S&T Window Films have developed a graffiti management program.

We have helped corporate, small business, public libraries, and homeowners in both high traffic and problem areas in Northwest Washington, companies constantly targetted with unsightly, unwelcomed graffiti.

Anti-graffiti window film is specially designed that when it is applied to glass it acts as a sacrificial barrier and is able to protect windows, mirrors, and doors against scratching, etching or spraying. The wonderful benefit of using anti-graffiti film is the cost savings. It really is cheaper than changing out the glass in the window or door.

In downtown Seattle, for example, the high street stores with large glass display areas are prone to be targetted frequently causing unsightly damage. By having anti-graffiti window film installed allowed the business’  to minimize replacement cost and to effectively regain control over how their business looks to their customers.
Managing graffiti vandalism in Seattle and King CountyIf the film needs to be replaced due to graffiti damage, S&T Window Film installers will visit the site, remove the damaged film and quickly and efficiently replace it. The whole process is designed to minimize downtime which means that business can continue as usual and a good level of productivity can be maintained while the installation work is being done.

Anti-graffiti window film is optically clear, it also provides 99% UV protection which means that the film acts as a sun shield to protect clothing and furniture from premature fading.  As well as display windows anti-graffiti film can be applied to restroom mirrors, in fact, any flat glass structure that has the potential to be damaged in this manner can benefit from installing anti-graffiti film. It has also been used successfully to protect elevator interiors and escalators from damage.

If you are in Washington in King County, Pierce County, Thurston County or Grays Harbor, and having problems with graffiti vandalism on your windows, if you are looking for a solution then please, contact S&T Window films. We would be glad to discuss some protecting your windows.