One Way Mirror Window Film

One Way Mirror Window Film
One Way Mirror Window Film
One Way Mirror Window Filma

Thinking back to the detective movies I watched as a child there was always an interrogation room. A room where hard to break suspects were held in a floodlit room. It usually had a table, a couple of wooden chairs, and a large mirror on the wall. Hidden away behind the mirror was a darkened room which housed detectives listening, looking for clues and tell-tale signs they could use as evidence. The suspect line up was another scene where a person would identify the perpetrator from behind a one-way mirror.

One-way view mirror has been used by people for a variety of reasons for the commercial and private sector as well as for residential use. An example of its use and effectiveness is for people in residential homes who want to ensure their family is protected. They may have workers in the home such as nannies, tutors, contractors etc, they may also have valuables in a particular room. By using a hidden camera set up behind a one-way mirror it can help them monitor what is actually going on.

Companies employ surveillance techniques including in-store observation using one-way mirrors, which ensures that employers have an insight into how their products, goods, and services are currently being handled. One way mirrors are used for observation of behavior in the psychiatric field and have also been used for testing the usability of products in the commercial sector.

A cost-effective alternative to the mirror is using a specialized one-way mirror window film, which under the same conditions produces the same results. One way mirror window film is made of highly reflective, layers of metalized and laminated film which are bonded together with optically clear adhesive. The best results for achieving the mirror effect is by first ensuring the film is installed to the glass as a whole sheet with no visible seams showing. 20% to 80% represents the light ratio needed to achieve the intended mirror effect. In the floodlit room, the glass will act as a mirror and in the darker room, the glass will act like a window where one can see through without being detected.

If the film is applied to external windows please note that as artificial light is turned on inside and the natural light diminishes, then everything inside the room becomes clearly visible to anyone outside. To maintain the illusion additional lighting must be strategically placed. S&T Window Films recommend utilizing exterior lighting to flood the glass area.

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