Safety and Security

safety and security
safety and security
safety and security

Safety Film

Safety film retains shattered glass firmly on the film. It helps protect occupants from harmful glazing situations during natural disasters, such as earthquakes, industrial disasters, such as explosions, or collision.  Shattered glass can cause damage property contents or render them unusable. Safety film ensures that broken glass in a building does not create a problem.  Safety window film forms an almost invisible shield on windows and glass doors.  The film is a cost-effective and efficient method for window protection and can complement existing safety measures that may be in place.  For young children and the elderly window film can help protect them from harming themselves on household objects such as glass tables, mirrors, and glass cabinets.

Security Film

Security Window Film is designed with strength to eliminate quick entry into a building through glass.

First, the security film bonds to the glass, and then the film is anchored all around the frame. This process significantly strengthens the glass and acts as a deterrent to those who attempt entry. In most cases, they move on to other, more vulnerable targets.

There are many types of business owners we have helped by installing security film on their property, and some of the significant benefits have been the film's clarity. It is optically clear, like looking through glass. It provides 99% UV protection to the interior. It protects the interior against broken shards falling onto the inventory.

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