Safety and security window films in the Northwest

Safety Film

Safety film retains shattered glass firmly on the film. It helps protect occupants from harmful glazing situations during natural disasters, such as earthquakes, industrial disasters, such as explosions, or collision.  Shattered glass can cause damage property contents or render them unusable. Safety film ensures that broken glass in a building does not create a problem.  Safety window film forms an almost invisible shield on windows and glass doors.  The film is a cost-effective and efficient method for window protection and can complement existing safety measures that may be in place.  For young children and the elderly window film can help protect them from harming themselves on household objects such as glass tables, mirrors, and glass cabinets.

Security Film

Security window film provides a tried and effective protection for glass against bombings, smash and grab robberies, invasion, intrusion and vandalism.  The film comes in a range of thicknesses, from 4mil to 15mil.  Security window film bonds to the glass retain the shards in place and guards against quick entry into the home or workspace. This is particularly effective against criminals who rely on the element of speed when breaking and entering homes or businesses. The security film makes it extremely difficult for them to complete their criminal activities in a timely manner.

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