High-Tech Smart Film in Washington


Smart film technology is the perfect solution to control light through windows and doors. smart-film works excellently providing instant privacy in open office environments and has many applications for commercial and residential projects.

How Smart Film works

Smart-film is revolutionary. It gives you complete control, instantly switching from clear glass to opaque with either a remote control, built-in switch or automatic sensor. Smart-film also blocks 98% of harmful and damaging UV rays, protecting valuable artwork, hardwood floors, and furniture. It provides 40% reduction against solar heat. It is much easier to clean than blinds.

Smart Film application

Installing smart-film is a perfect alternative to blinds, curtains, and partitions in hospitals as it is easy to clean and sterilize. This technology will assist by helping to prevent the spread of MRSA and viruses that inhabit hard to clean surfaces and could bring harm to patients. Projection screen and backlighting open endless possibilities for the home and business. The Film can also be used on boats, yachts, and cars to ensure privacy.

If you are in the Northwest and require more information about smart- film, please contact us through the website or call us directly.