Taking Care Of Your Waterfront Home

Waterfront2Northwest Washington has some of the most sought-after waterfront properties. The refreshing sound, as you open the sliding doors or windows, of water and rustling wind blowing, can be so calming, the shimmer of light reflecting the moon at night is inspirational no wonder many authors choose this setting as a place to spend their time in front of their computers imagining and writing.

With all this, there are challenges, for example, south-facing rooms with large windows, the same ones that give you such an excellent view when the sun beams through now becomes a big problem. The heat entering the room makes it untenable to stay there. In our time helping our customers, we have seen some creative ways people have attempted to keep the heat out of their homes. Heavy curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, cardboard boxes taped to the glass, bed sheets, blankets.  In all cases, they have had to sacrifice the view to use the space. On the plus side, blocking out the sun allows for a better view of the tv.

Another challenge faced by people living near the water is the propensity for UV rays to bleach the interior. Customers saw their beautiful sofas, tables, cabinets, artwork, area rugs, wood floors and panels quickly being faded by the sun and were helpless.

So how do we fix this? The answer is window film. Some objections to using window film are on a previous understanding of the technology which has made significant advancements over the past ten years.  One change is the exceptional improvement in the ability for the film to reject heat, to allow you to maintain a clear view and at the same time provide protection for furniture and interior from UV damage.

Summer is on its way, and there is every reason to enjoy it from the very comfort of your home.  Whether you have a house in Ocean Shores, a waterfront property in Western Washington, a view of Mt Rainier you want to keep on enjoying S&T Window Films is here to help. If you have a problem with large windows letting in too much heat, and you can't see your computer screen or tv due to glare. If you have noticed a significant increase in fading of your floor and furniture then call us, don't delay.