Bird Safety Window Films


S&T Window Films can install Bird film designed to minimize injuries due to window impact, thus enabling buildings to be friendlier to birds.


The glass in windows indiscriminately kills millions of birds every year worldwide. Big birds, small birds, young or old, it does not matter. If a bird flies into a window, it will be seriously hurt or killed.

During the day, windows reflect the environment. Birds do not see glass; they cannot recognize the window as a solid object. Birds only see it as part of their habitat.

One billion birds needlessly die each year in the US alone from flying into windows. Imagine what happens when a bird flies at full speed, and with no warning, hits the glass head on maximum impact? Birds do not see glass; to them, it is a pathway through, or the reflection is a part of the environment.

To deter birds from flying into your windows, we recommend installing Bird safety film. Solyx Bird Safety Window Films brings the invisible window to view, allowing birds to avoid injury. Create Bird Safe windows now with Solyx Bird Strike Safety Window Films. Call us or go to our contact page for more information.