Unmatched Washington Office Window Film

Solar Control

The sun not only brings natural light into our buildings, but it also brightens up the workspace and brings a feeling of warmth and beauty. Window Film helps control the adverse effects of the sun to enable occupants and workers to be more comfortable and productive.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

In the summer offices can become uncomfortably hot. In the winter it can be too cold. Trying to control temperature fluctuation can result in increased energy bills. Window film can help to reduce energy loss by providing even temperature during the hot sunny days. Window film is an affordable alternative to replacing windows with return on investment in as little as three years.

Reduce Glare

If you have ever worked in an office or a front desk, or if you are an occupant of a commercial building you understand the difficult task of fighting glare on your computer screen. Eye strain and fatigue can be tiring and stressful. We provide window film which has a range of tints specifically designed to reduce glare. The added benefits include heat control and UV protection made to make a difference for you by reducing the impact of the sun on your screens and giving you back your energy and increased productivity.

Business Owners Directors and Managers

Directors, facilities managers, and business owners, we can help you with all your window needs by providing comprehensive support and advice for energy savings, privacy, safety, and security needs for your building occupants. We are available for consultation and have great products to suit your offices, retail spaces, schools, universities, government buildings, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

Get UV protection for your windows.

Protect your furniture and indoor furnishings from premature fading with window film. UV radiation fades carpets, hardwood floors, fabrics, artwork, and paintwork. Precious indoor investment becomes dull and jaded, losing their color and vibrancy. Window film reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation, helping you maintain a professional look for your office interior and saving you money in costly restorations or replacements.

Protect your workspace with Safety Window Film

Minimize the effect of the damage to storefronts by using the anti-shatter properties of safety window film. One unique benefit of the film is the special adhesive which bonds to the glass. It allows the film to remain optically clear until broken at which point it retains the broken shards intact on the film. Safety film offers a high level of protection to occupants and passersby.

Update your building’s privacy with Window Film

Keeping proprietary information secure is of vital importance to any business both big or small. Window film hides corporate and personal possessions from plain view. Frosted films, blackout, and whiteout films enhance and hide while providing a professional look to any business.

Upgrade the look of your windows and doors with decorative window films.

Decorative window films are a great alternative to glass replacement in windows or doors. Films come in different styles and can create a uniformed look for the workspace. 3M have a great professional range called “Fasara,” frosted film. We also work with manufacturers “Solyx,” and “Llumar." Choose from frosted, striped, Textured and much more.

Contact S&T Window Films about the right product for your safety and security needs.